In-Class Teacher Videos


Top 20 Videos

  1. Sometimes it is good to be hated.

  2. Be willing to take a risk.

  3. You should listen to your parents.

  4. Learned helplessness.

  5. Your body language shapes who you are.

  6. We are the pale blue dot.

  7. A little grit goes a long way.

  8. Being or having a father is important.

  9. Motivation and your future career.

  10. Twenty great speeches that everyone should hear.

  11. Making hard choices

  12. Never give up

  13. Be an opportunity maker.

  14. Great leaders inspire action.

  15. The happy secret to better work

  16. How to spot a liar.

  17. Prejudices and preconceptions about people. Movie: 12 Angry Men

  18. Civil disobedience. Movie: Ghandi

  19. Culture shock. Movie: Lawrence of Arabia

  20. Defending others. Movie: To Kill a Mockingbir